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Surprisingly, research has shown that many UX graduates are missing the important skills needed to work as a UX professional. Whether you graduated from a Bootcamp or a University, the challenges when finding work are the same. GETREADYUX has been designed to fill the knowledge gaps identified and help you exceed the expectations of hiring managers and thrive as a UX Professional. Have you ever wondered how you stack up against your peers? with over 200 mentees, let me give you the valuable insights you need for self development and to surpass your competition in an interview scenario

Design Thinking, Application, Methodology & Playbook (1.5 Hours)

Agile Methodologies, Scrum & The Ceremonies (1.5 Hours)

Product Thinking & Designing for Impact (1.5 Hours)

The Design Challenge & Zero Text Presentations (1.5 Hours)

 1-2-1 Mentoring (2 Hours)

I run 12 courses a year, January through to December. Each course starts a fresh at the beginning of each month to cater for the next batch of Juniors coming through.


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