Product Thinking & The Double Diamond Process

My passion for design thinking and product thinking comes from seeing the whole product lifecycle validated. When taking ownership of a project, I utilise the double diamond method to manage my core discipline of design thinking. This method represents a process of exploring an issue more widely or deeply (divergent thinking) and then taking focused action (convergent thinking).

That being said, the very nature of overlaying UX strategy to a project is subjective. It’s more common than not that I will put more emphasis on one step or another depending on the task at hand. New products or features are not always susceptible to overlaying the full strategy end to end and adapting to this is a crucial part of my role.

The Design Thinking Process

Design thinking is the primary design methodology I use to approach solving problems.

By understanding the human need involved in a feature or product and by re-framing problems to focusing on human-centric design, my aim is to provide solutions that empathise with how real users think, feel and behave.